About Us

Meet Lulu!

Founder and owner, Laura Meno has always had the nickname Lulu. Her family and has called her Lulu ever since she was born. There is no doubt that Lulu has a big heart with a bigger personality (or attitude some may say), so the name Love, Lulu fits her brand perfectly. 

It means the world to Lulu for you to be supporting her small business. Not only do you get to support Lulu, but you also have the ability to change lives in your community!

Lulu loves to give back to her community, that's why she has decided that a portion of her monthly profits will be donated to participating non-profits.*

*Do you have or know of a non-profit that would benefit from Love, Lulu's monthly donations? Visit the "Submit your non-profit" page at the bottom of the website to be considered!